Legal & Regulatory

The purpose of the LIDMA Legal and Regulatory Team is to study current and pending legal and regularity developments that might impact the life insurance industry and LIDMA members. The Team will attempt to inform LIMDA membership of these issues through various methods.

We are fortunate to have the law firms of Locke and Dinsmore & Shohl on our Team! The law firms make available their firm publications and alerts that might impact our industry.

LIDMA Legal and Regulatory Counsel:
  • Brian T. Casey, Esq., Locke Lord, LLP, Legal Counsel
  • Patrick Hatfield, Esq., Locke Lord, LLP, Legal Counsel
  • John F. Costello, Jr., Esq., Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP  

LIDMA Legal Team Chairman George Limberg, Executive Vice President of Finance and Business Strategy at AccuQuote stated, "With the increased attention to new telemarketing laws, the LIDMA TCPA guide is an extremely valuable resource providing a baseline of information for any firm to understand the current laws and assess what they may need to remain compliant and avoid the potential exposure of legal risk to their organization."


Members can access presentations and reports prepared for the direct marketing channel including: