LIDMA Partner Session iPipeline

October 28, 2020
2:00 PM - 2:20 PM                         






Rise of the Machine – Using data and AI to grow your business

With all the data that’s available at our fingerprints today, it’s essential to know what’s available to you, but more importantly, how to use it to influence your business decisions to drive growth. iPipeline’s CEO, Larry Berran, and VP of Product Management, Roy Goodart will tag team this session. Hear how iPipeline’s long term home with Roper Technologies is fueling our commitment to engaging the insurance community, including Direct Marketers and BGAs, and innovating the industry with a core technology platform. They’ll share how owning and understanding your data and customers can transform your operations, increase revenue and manage risk. Join this session to learn how iPipeline is empowering our industry to make the shift to becoming data-driven organizations.