LIDMA Innovation Award

This award is designed to recognize technology that will change the way life insurance is purchased - even the disruptors that may not have been noticed by the mainstream. We invite you to apply or nominate a company that is racing down the track of technology innovation. This does not have to be technology that is currently used in life insurance.

Rules and Guidelines for Innovation Award

Any company can apply or be nominated, finalists will all be promoted and there will only be one winner per year. The ultimate winner will be selected by the LIDMA Board of Directors* based on the following criteria:

1)      Can it be used to improve the buying process for life insurance?

2)      Can it be reasonably implemented?

3)      Is it cost effective?

4)      Will the continued technology/process be supported?

5)      Does it improve the customer experience?

Benefits of winning: The finalists and winner will receive prestigious recognition at the Fall Meeting. There will be a press release outlining the technology innovation and LIDMA will put their weight behind moving it forward!

Remember LIDMA has Purpose!  The ultimate objective is to find new ways to better serve the market place by enhancing the buying experience through better efficiencies, increasing sales and ultimately providing more life insurance protection for families and businesses. New innovations are key!  

Submission Deadline: July 19th**

* Any submissions received for compaines conducting, or in the process of conducting business with a member company represented on the board, will require exclusion of the board member in discussion / evalutation of applicant / nominee.

**Any submissions received after the posted deadline will be held until the next review period.  Applicant will be notified of this action.

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Type of Technology/Solution:

Benefit to the Life Insurance Direct Marketing Industry

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