LIDMA eSignature - Recertification

Congratulations on your Previous Seal Approval!  To recertify the process we are requesting a summary from each vendor to highlight any processes which may have been changed/enhanced.

The minimum requirements necessary to originally obtain the seal are still in place, this is simply a checkpoint to ensure nothing substantial has changed and to allow you to add to your reference list. The vendor description of how each requirement is met is intended to help LIDMA members evaluate different eSignature options and pick the solution that is right for their business model.

The Seal of Approval Process will occur twice annually.  Below is the annual submission calendar:

Approval Cycle

Due Date*

Review Process & Verification 
of References



June 30th

July 1 – August 31

Seal Approvals announced 
LIDMA Annual Meeting


December 31st

Jan 1 – Feb 28

Seal Approvals announced 
LIDMA Annual Meeting


*Any submissions received after the posted deadline will be held until the next review period.  Applicant will be notified of this action.

In addition to the announcement by LIDMA of all Seal awards, all Seal recipients (both winter and summer submissions) will receive special recognition at the LIDMA fall meeting.

Please remember the purpose of LIDMA, “The ultimate objective is to serve people better, to enhance the buying experience and efficiently get more life insurance protection in force for the families and businesses that need it”.  We hope this Seal Process will help you find ways to do this more efficiently.

1. About Your Company

2. Comments/Testimonials/Results to Date

3. Core Functionality

There were many important factors required for your initial LIDMA Seal of Approval. If you have made any major enhancements in any of the areas below – please indicate in the appropriate area. The information you provide should include business results which indicates your efforts to support Straight Through Processing.

Requirements (factors which ensure your solution is a valid ESIGN process protected under Federal and State Laws), System Features, Authentication and Workflow Features.

4. Upload document(s) which gives specifics to illustrate how your solution has shined in the marketplace.

  Yes, I would like to add 1 additional reference.
  Yes, I would like to add 2 additional references.


If you would like to add to your list of references please do so below:

6. Reference #1

7. Reference #2