Butch Britton
President, Life Business Group, ING

“LIDMA and its direct marketing member organizations provide ING with an efficient distribution platform to expand our term life sales to an underserved middle market. These organizations, through mass marketing, create a whole new awareness with consumers of the need for life insurance protection and provide an easy way for them to buy.”

Robert P. Brook
Executive Vice President &
Chief Development Officer

“We’ve all been to more industry conferences than we can remember. Eventually they all seem to become predictably obvious, blur together and difficult to measure the value. But not with LIDMA. Maybe it’s the smaller size of LIDMA, or it’s youthful enthusiasm, then again it could be the openness and willingness to share, improve and admit that no one person or company has all the answers. Did I mention leaderships’ “can do” attitude and determination? Also, not to be forgotten, LIDMA remembers the importance of having fun too! All and all LIDMA proves to be an excellent learning and development forum within an industry that could learn a thing or two. LIDMA, a shining and growing star indeed!“

Shervin Eftekhari
President, Zander Insurance

“LIDMA has provided invaluable networking opportunities with the most important members of the direct marketing industry. From ideas gained and implemented within our operations to partnerships forged as a result of relationships developed through the association, LIDMA has directly contributed to our bottom line.”

Cindy Farrow
Vice President Strategic Development
VOYA Financial

“Participating in LIDMA has given us the ability to network with our clients to hear what they are interested in from a sales and service perspective and to gather valuable voice of client feedback.  In addition, it allows for the opportunity to brainstorm and share best practices with other insurance carriers.”

Mary Grohovac
2nd VP, Account Management - Life Distribution
Protective Life

“I walked away from this conference with the sense that everyone participating, whether distribution, carrier or vendor partner had the same goal in mind - to get a life insurance product to the people that need it the most. While the "secret sauce" might be different for each participant, it was refreshing to feel that everyone was headed for the same finish line. While some industry meetings can have a feeling of "what's in it for me?", this one did not - for me, I left with "a what can we collectively accomplish" feeling. Quite nice indeed."

Jim Harkensee
Fidelity Life Association

“LIDMA provides the ideal forum for Fidelity Life Association to reach out to its critical partners in the life insurance direct marketing world. With a strategic goal of shifting the paradigm for the life insurance buying experience, FLA shares a common vision with LIDMA and its members, as well as the desire to work together to achieve that vision. And our own direct marketing Agency, America Direct, certainly benefits from the idea sharing, networking and partnership possibilities that arise from when you bring such successful marketing organizations together like this.”

H. Thomas Lane, Jr., CLU, ChFC
Paperless Solutions Group

“As a supplier of productivity enhancing technology and services for life insurance distribution we are keenly aware of the many industry associations organized to serve the wide variety of needs for almost every constituency. I know of none more effective than LIDMA. LIDMA addresses real issues in real time and produces real benefits for its members. They are clear-eyed, even-handed and energetic – meaningful things get done by and for the members.”

Maura A. Reilly
Director, Client Services

“LIDMA has proven to be an invaluable companion as we continue to explore ways to provide our many great Direct Marketer partners with the very best products, processes and services. Whether it’s learning best practices, hearing a great idea about how to improve our technology, or getting legal guidance, LIDMA has made us better. We are proud to be a charter member of LIDMA, and we look forward to contributing to its growth for many years to come.”

John Reynolds
Vice President - Strategic Solutions

“I have found LIDMA to be one of the leading organizations within the life insurance industry where the focus is on process automation and seamless integration between distributors, vendors and carriers.  The entire life insurance community has benefited from LIDMA due to their tireless efforts to improve our industry’s ability to market, sell, and process insurance applications faster.  The relationships I have made through the LIDMA organization have been tremendous and I know the door has always been open to those who want to participate!"

Byron Udell, JD, CLU, CFP, ChFC

“I am a founding member of LIDMA. Each year, I look forward to visiting with other producers, the carriers and the vendors to share best practices and learn about ways to make our businesses more profitable. There is no other place where everyone in our niche can be together at once, make meaningful progress and forge personal relationships that matter. Anyone that plays in our niche that isn’t part of LIDMA may want to take his/her head out of the sand!”